Friday, 28 March 2014

Observation #15- the resurrected Sleigh

During this prolonged winter of my prolonging new work,(aka procrastination) this 'older work of a little sleigh in the weeds seemed to be worth trying to save. It was one that just barely past the cut when we moved to Owen Sound.
When we moved I tossed out a few works and gave away a few more-this one I was unsure of...
     The canvas had already been part of a salvage process-that is my having taken a large 'magnificent failure'
and cutting it up to make what might be 2 or 3 works worth keeping.(OK maybe it wasn't magnificent -I just like the expression) -it WAS big- 5 feet by 7 feet
  The Three Crows was the lower left side of the large original

The Crows Flying up the Valley was the upper section
This was inspired by a real experience of surprising a murder of crows(something I have seldom done)-I guess their watchman was asleep- they flew up that break between the trees into the setting sun.
The remaining area of the original(the bottom right) is the one I have been  reworking  and have now after only a week have concluded is worth keeping
The fence the crow is sitting on above is continued to the left in this, the final one with the Redeemed Sleigh.

After a few days of working mostly balancing the shapes and increasing the contrast, this is  what turned out
This is fairly close to the final colour but the rusted reddish metal parts are not so
warm and the upper right corner is not so hazy 
The weather has not  been favorable for taking photographs of paintings -either too cold to take outside and my light in this studio room is too uneven and today it is raining.

by sheer luck I found this photograph from July 2010-the source of the above three canvases-
it was so big I had to construct a folding stretcher to transport it  that explains the curve in the edges
I'm rather glad this does not exist any longer...
...makes me remember Al Purdy's Poem  on admitting he has written some bad Poems.


  1. I personally LIKE the big one (with the curves). I suspect ALL your work is EXCELLENT - we are most critical of our own creative endeavors it seems, or we minimize their quality thinking others surely do a better job.
    As I get ready to start to sell some of my creations - I have to let go of that attitude and decide to put my work out there and let the "sales" decide.
    Now - my ? is - why did you say a "murder of crows"? Is that an expression or what you really call a group of crows?

  2. I'm gonna sit right down and write myself a letter
    And make believe it came from you....yoo hoo - where are you?